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TNT® Fireworks is the largest distributor of 1.4G Class C Common Fireworks in the U.S. As a leader in wholesale distribution for 1.4G Class C Fireworks for over 50 years, TNT® Fireworks (TNT®) makes it a policy to give each customer individual programs tailored to fit their customer base needs. In order to live up to this policy, TNT® is dedicated to our mission for Commitment, Quality, and Teamwork at all times.

In 2004, TNT® partnered with Millennium Pyrotechnics, the UK’s largest privately owned importer and supplier of retail and display fireworks. Millennium currently has two sales offices and five storage facilities, making it possible to quickly serve our customer’s needs.

We believe that the key to TNT® Fireworks' success as the number one source of fireworks is a result of three main ingredients: Commitment, Quality, & Teamwork.


The most important issue to TNT® is customer satisfaction. We never want our customers to look elsewhere to fulfill their expectations. This is why we remain unmatched by any other company in the industry. It is this commitment which keeps us striving to meet individual needs and thus surpass any competitor.


There is no substitute for quality. Every consumer wants the best product at the best price. TNT® offers superior quality products, and maintains our reputation of being the leader in promotional events. It is through quality that TNT® reached out to new customers while maintaining strong relationships with our most seasoned, loyal customers.


Another important element for building a successful working relationship is teamwork. To fully capitalize on the potential for such a successful relationship with each customer, TNT® is devoted to working with our customers to increase customer loyalty.


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